Entry #1

Composer & Sound Designer for Visual Media

2012-08-12 10:41:39 by ChristopherJohn

My name is Chris and this is my music.

I'm also the drummer for the band Synergist.

Thanks for listening!


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2012-08-12 11:07:01

Interesting material you've got :)
I'm a freelance composer too, a collaboration between us two would be great in a near future. ^^

ChristopherJohn responds:

Thanks man, most appreciated! I like your stuff as well and I'm down for collaborating as well!


2017-02-26 13:37:36

Don't listen to that guy.
5 years later, he still hasn't learned a thing. :P

ChristopherJohn responds:

I'm not so sure about that, dude! ;)


2017-02-26 19:53:02

Haha. I kinda smile and cringe at the same time when looking at my really old comments :')
It was a bit surprising to see my old self here, too...
But anyways. I might listen to some of your tracks later and leave some feedback.
You got me curious. :)

ChristopherJohn responds:

Haha, yeah I know exactly what you mean! "Because the Internet, mistakes are forever."

That's awesome, though! I always appreciate constructive criticism and feedback of any kind.

Thanks for listening!